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Dual Camera

with the dual lens you can now take the clearest pictures at the widest angles any phone can take. It has a dual-rear camera with 2X optical zoom.

New IOS version

the new version has brought a lot more features such as the Animoji where you can talk through an emoji.

Wireless Charging

now this new generation iPhone enables wireless charging.

retina screen hd iphone new ios

OLED Screen

the iPhone X has the best OLED display with great screen detail having vibrant colors and good brightness levels.

Longer Battery life

the phone lasts hours and hours of battery due to its 2716 mAh.

Stereo sound system

the stereo system is the loudest and clearest of any iPhone today.


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WHAT DOES IPHONE X OFFER? – What to expect from the phone

this new device has a lot of new amazing features. A couple of new and improved features in the iPhone X include;;

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